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Looking for a Pediatric Dentist?

We specialize in oral health care for children. Let’s work together to provide comprehensive health care for our pediatric patients.

We Make Referrals Easy for You and Your Patient

You fill out the referral pad or fillable PDF form.


We schedule an appointment with your patient.


We treat your patient and keep you informed.

group of kids smiling together

Why Refer to APPLETREE DENTAL For Kids?

  • We only see children
  • We are offer patient friendly hours
  • We have a preventative infant program
  • We offer sleep and sedation services onsite
  • We have a full-time anesthetist on staff
  • We take HSO and offer social assistance
Our office is designed for kids!

Our Commitment to You

  • We deliver high quality patient care in a calm and caring manner
  • We familiarize ourselves with your patient cases in advance
  • We provide patient educational tools to explain procedures
  • We send reports and film in a timely manner following procedures
  • We are available for second opinions
  • We explain office policies/procedures to you and your patients
  • We collaborate on treatment plans for your referred patients
  • We confer with you before suggesting alternative treatments to patients
little girl pointing at her front teeth

Need to Stay Up-To-Date on Pediatric Oral health Care?

Oral problems can sometimes be a symptom of other chronic or acute health issues.

Lunch and Learns for your oral health care updates
  • The latest guidelines for oral health in children and infants
  • A welcome-gift for your office and toothbrush packages for your patients
  • Email [email protected] to book a Lunch & Learn!
Sometimes it’s obvious; sometimes you need a second opinion.

Let us help you provide the best care for all of your patients.

Have One of Our Pediatric Dentists Take Care of Your Child Today. No Referral Necessary.