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Virtual Consultation

Video Chat With One of Our Children’s Dentists

Due to the ongoing social distancing efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis, our office is proud to offer our new Teledentistry services so you can access one of our children’s dentists from the comfort of your own home. Let us put your mind at ease!


The video consultation is web-browser-based, so no download or installation is required


Get prescriptions virtually


Allows our team to see your child in their most familiar setting


Dental Emergency? If our Children’s Dentist determines extra-care is required, we will provide emergency appointment options

Request a Teledentistry Appointment

Fill out the form below, or speak with a staff member on our website’s instant message, to book your Teledentistry appointment.

Video Chat With One of Our Children’s Dentists From the Comfort of Your Home

Teledentistry can help during any dental emergency.

Accidents happen and oral health emergencies can occur at any time. From toothaches, or knocked out teeth, to a broken tooth and swelling on your gums – a live video consult with one of our Children’s Dentists can provide valuable assistance. If extra-care is required, we will provide emergency appointment options from one of our Children’s Dentists that are able to help

Do you have questions about your oral health?

If you have questions about an oral health issue, an online consultation with our dentist can help clear things up. For example, patients unsure of how to use a new medication would benefit greatly from a consultation, as would a patient with a toothache who’d like to know about treatment options. Likewise, a patient with a pre-existing condition or one that requires at-home care can be helped with a direct video chat with our dentist.

Get prescriptions virtually.

Our teledentistry service allows our Dentists to meet with and diagnose patients through an online video chat, and then prescribe medications if necessary. Although it isn’t a substitute for an in-office visit, this saves patients time and money while avoiding the inconvenience of visiting a clinic for an appointment.

How long does an online dentistry consultation take?

The fastest way to get started is to fill out and submit the contact from found at the top of this page, or to speak with a staff member through the instant chat available on this website. Once submitted, we will contact you almost immediately to set up a consultation appointment that works best for you. Once an appointment has been set, you will receive an email containing a link to begin your online consultation at the agreed appointment time. The video consultation is web browser based, so no download or installation is required. It’s a simple, straightforward process and the fastest way to get invaluable oral health care from our children’s dentist online. The average length of a consultation can take up to 15 minutes depending on the requirements of your child.

Have One of Our Pediatric Dentists Take Care of Your Child Today. No Referral Necessary.