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Attention Moms

Is your newborn having difficulties breastfeeding? Are they having difficulties gaining weight? Do your breasts hurt? Do you have cracked, bruised, or infected nipples?

These breastfeeding issues may be in part due to the restriction of your newborns tongue and/or lip movement, therefore making it difficult for them to latch on and breastfeed properly.

This restriction is due to an abnormally positioned or thickened tongue frenum or lip frenum. The frenum is a normal anatomical tissue attached from the tongue to the floor of the mouth or from the lips to the gums around our teeth. For more information or to book a consultation with one of our specially trained doctors call us at 416-445-7777.

Good News! There is no need for a scalpel. In our office, this procedure is a minor laser procedure done quickly and effectively.

mother with baby


  • Inadequate feeding
  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Reflux, Vomiting
  • Colic symptoms
  • Swallowing issues
  • Breast Pain, Full breasts
  • Cracked, Painful, Infected Nipples
  • Frustration
  • Nipple thrush

Future Consequences

As the child grows this restriction results in an abnormal position of the tongue and lips, which may cause:

  • Speech problems
  • Eating difficulties
  • Airway issues
  • Jaw Developmental issues
  • Dental and Oral Hygiene issues
Our Recommendations
  • Consult our Dentists – trained in the management of this condition
  • Consult our in house Lactation Consultant specialist
  • If necessary, have the tongue tie/lip tie release procedure performed

Frenectomy Procedure

The release of the tongue or lip tie is known as the frenectomy procedure also known as tongue or lip tie surgery. In our office, this procedure is a minor laser procedure that surgically releases the tissue attachment below the tongue or the band of tissue attaching the upper lip to the gums.

The laser allows this frenectomy procedure to be performed within a few seconds by cutting the tissue with minimal bleeding and discomfort. The laser technology replaces the use of a scalpel or a pair of scissors, making the procedure comfortable and quick for the infant. Benefits of our laser include:

  • Rapid procedure
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Clean and disinfected wound
  • Better healing

Have One of Our Pediatric Dentists Take Care of Your Child Today. No Referral Necessary.